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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

It was my first trip as DIAMAN Partners Marketing Manager and it was an unforgettable experience.

No, I'm not saying this because in my position I could not tell you the opposite, in that case I would have avoided writing about it. Anyone who knows me is a witness.

Instead, I am happy to talk about it for many interesting aspects of this tour with a focus on crypto assets, prepared very quickly, but with thoroughness and a lot of enthusiasm.

Here are the facts.

The DIAMAN Partner Team, headed by the CEO, Daniele Bernardi, and the Director, Francesco Canella, leaves September 9th for a sort of one-week tour.

The aim is to present to a selected audience of financial professionals our new crypto fund, our vision of the opportunities offered by the Crypto Assets and our professional, aware and prepared approach to these innovative products.

We bring with us a gift for the guests that is first and foremost a gift from Daniel to himself, to his team engaged in the crypto fund project, and to all the fans and curious of this topic: his new book on professional investments in Crypto Currencies , fresh off the press. The title: "The genesis of Crypto Assets". (Available on Amazon!)

First stop, Lugano (CH).

We are at the famous Grand Café al Porto, an important context both for the historical value of the place and for the renowned pastry shop. Yes, even in finance we appreciate good things!

In this first meeting, our friends Francesca and Riccardo from Finlantern, with whom we often collaborate to organize important events, support us.

Daniele talks to an attentive public, gathered in a beautiful and ancient hall, which recreates the atmosphere of great occasions.

It is the first time that I personally attend an official meeting where Daniele speaks to his colleagues of the financial industry and I appreciate his ability to investigate rather complex topics with clarity and a touch of irony, when necessary.

There is talk of volatility and drawdown - gasps! -, of traditional financial instruments and emerging asset classes, of the performances we analyzed – well, seems they can work! -, of the opportunities offered by these crypto

currencies and the correct way to insert them in a portfolio.

Daniele shares his path and his experiences in this field, grappling with these currencies that, he recalls, "… Cannot be managed without a solid knowledge and with quantitative models that allow to study and use them moving away from the emotional components."

The audience participates with enthusiasm and asks Daniele many questions: I perceive that there is interest, that the crypto world is for everyone an opportunity to be seized, but also that it is necessary to clearly explain how to do, what to do, how much to invest in it.

The next day, the same topic and the same set up, but the city changes: we are in Milan, in the popular and well equipped "Copernico".

And, again, the curiosity is triggered, the participants ask other questions, Daniele is ready, he brings with him even more data than those he shows during the presentation, every single step is supported by graphs, good arguments, track records.

But how to do, how to start, what to propose to a client, how to manage the vagaries of the market, - that market! -, and what to choose? These are the most frequently asked questions.

It is then that Daniele pulls out a joke from the gastronomic context, cause we do not forget that this former automotive engineer, with about twenty years’ experience in the financial field, entrepreneur, technology pioneer in his sector, and with a proved, passionate knowledge of crypto world, comes from Marcon, near Venice, and he knows very well how to prepare some dishes!

Well, the metaphor is the following, and it is more appetizing than ever:

"The cryptos should be included in a portfolio as chili pepper should be added to a good plate of spaghetti with clams: it takes a little, just a pinch, to enhance the flavour, balance the ingredients, and appreciate the dish in its overall structure".

This is the same image with which he introduced the new DIAMAN Block Rock Fund also at the Finlantern “Full Investors” event in Brescia, a three-day face-to-face meeting with consultants, professionals from banks and the management worlds, and he has also nicely shared on social networks.

Who knows if outside the Italian borders, during our Malta and London events, the attendees have been able to grasp the spicy joke in the same way… Because, you know, taste is a very personal matter, and maybe someone likes chili a lot!

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